Understanding God's Prophetic Calendar - Run into 5781

Posted on February 2, 2021

by Candice Smithyman

Understanding God's Prophetic Calendar - Run into 5781

Do you know what God's prophetic calendar is? You're about to find out in this recent interview with Candice Smithyman.

I am amazed at the wealth of knowledge Candice walks in concerning the Hebrew Calendar. Just a teaser: the Hebrew Calendar is NOT about following the law; it's about engaging with God. You're going to get deep insight about what this all means as you learn to celebrate and "party" with God during the feasts and Holy days.

Then, you'll receive powerful revelation for the new Hebrew year 5781/2021. Swift change is here…and you need to get ready to RUN YOUR RACE with FAITH IN ACTION. Know this — everything you've walked through this year is going to cause you to rise up in new strength and boldly run into a new, exciting year with the Lord by your side.

Watch this episode now with Candice Smithyman and get supercharged to run into 5781!

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